EXCELAi is well known for providing your Digital Marketing services with the skilled team as per your requirements. Promoting your products or services through digital media and attracting the customers is important. We offer services such as SEO, SMM and Video Marketing, etc.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We develop new methodologies, strategies and tactics using SEO to keep your website in the top search results when users search for the keywords in search engine. SEO grow your business and meet your business goals.

We work for your website to be in top position in an industry which enhance your business. We use digital strategies that deliver you best website ranking. You can improve your traffic inflow and better generation of a lead. Spreading your brand awareness is done easily with our service.

Our SEO Services consists of:

  • Keyword Search
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Campaign Strategizing
  • SEO Implementation
  • Campaign tracking
  • Monitoring reports


Nowadays, using the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is increased. So, Social media marketing (SMM) became popular as it even offers you a quick way to reach the user. You may see advertisements when you are on social networking websites. This is one of the ways to promote your business through social networking websites.

We strive for your success in your business. We are ready to handle all the responsibilities to make your business more popularized. We target audience by interacting effectively and creating awareness about your brand. We will make you know what the audience is thinking about your business which is essential in developing further. We will give you a brief analysis of how much amount you have to invest in different social media websites. Our services will provide you competitive analysis of others business. So, that you can plan and follow some marketing tactics and implement strategies to be in better position.

We support you 24/7 to track your performance using SEO and SMM tools.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is nothing but promoting the products or services with the help of a video. Most of the people are attracted to buy the products that are visible in videos. It will raise your business to top level as people can see the video anywhere and it is very interactive.

We develop a video marketing campaign for you by doing analysis and gathering all the required data. Planning a strategy is most important in marketing which is done by our highly experienced team.

Finally after getting an idea about what you need to speak in your message. We make your dream success come to live with the help of a video which is to be a powerful and precise one.

Why Us?

  • We provide you the best quality service with perfection.
  • We are available 24/7 to provide assistance before, after and during the project
  • We have a highly developed team of experts to help you.
  • We deliver your work on time.
  • You can pay us either on hourly, weekly or even based on the project.
  • We use advanced technologies in a right way to develop your product.
  • We deliver our services effectively from startups to big enterprises without any change.

We Value our customer satisfaction and take feedback from our customers and clients.